• Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce


Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce




Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce 1.89L


Origin: The origins of chocolate stretch back at least 4,000 years. The ancient populations of Central America venerated cocoa beans and used them to make a hot, frothy and bitter drink called chocolatl. After Christopher Columbus introduced chocolate to Europe, the drink was to become a best seller.



Dark brown colour.


Tasting notes

Authentic and great strong bold chocolate flavour taste. Incredibly creamy, smooth, rich and perfectly balanced texture.


Beverage tips

Due to its smooth texture MONIN Dark Chocolate sauce allows you to create unique hot and cold mochas. It can also be used for glass drizzling or indulgent toppings. I particularly like to mix it with MONIN Mojito Mint syrup in a mint mocha.



Lattes, cappuccinos...
Milkshakes, frozen...


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