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Monin Chai Syrup




Monin Chai Tea Syrup 70cl


Origin: Masala Chai - or Chai, for short, means spiced tea. Chai has been enjoyed in India for centuries; although, it is prepared differently and several regional variations exist. The ingredients of a Chai beverage generally include tea, heavy milk, several spices and a sweetener.



Dark brown colour, infused tea colour.


Tasting notes

Nose : balance tea smell
Attack : fruity, infused tea
Length in mouth : astringent


Beverage Innovation Directors tips

The new MONIN Tea syrups range allows for amazing iced teas creations with a true infused tea taste. They can be served either topped, on ice -with soda or still water- or flavoured. Customization can be done with MONIN fruits, spices, or herbs syrups. The tea flavour is particularly magnified with ripe fruit, and the mix with Le Fruit de MONIN is incredible. I recommend the combination of MONIN Lemon Tea syrup with Le Fruit de MONIN Passion fruit, fresh ginger and topped with ginger ale and soda water.





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