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Zuma Vanilla Frappe




Zuma Vanilla Bean Frappe 2kg:

Specially blended using real vanilla beans for a seriously cool, and consistently delicious creamy frappe for all your customers. Delicious on it's own made with either milk or non-dairy alternatives, it also makes a perfect base for many other drinks.

Try using with your own house blend of espresso for a frappe with a kick that helps keep your coffee sales up in the Summer!

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
Registered for vegetarians and vegans by The Vegan Society.
How to make:

1. Fill 12oz/355ml cup with 180g ice.
2. Pour 160ml milk or non-dairy alternative,
over the ice.
3. Pour contents of cup into blender jug.
4. Add 1 x 40g scoop of frappe powder.
5. Put the lid on tight and blend until smooth.

Registered for vegetarians & vegans by the Vegan Society.

Available in 2kg tins (approx 50 servings.)

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