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Plus 4 You Ts 2 Group (Excl. VAT)

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Plus 4 You TS (Touch Screen) 2 Group


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Plus 4 You TS is a machine from the Astoria Green Line: these machines have a low environmental impact and can reduce consumption by up to 47.6%* compared to traditional coffee machines

Thanks to an innovative software that manages the automatic standby during operating pauses, the night Energy-saving feature and the intelligent adjustment of the temperatures, Plus 4 You TS distributes the power only where and when it is needed.

Quality is ensured by an innovative control system that manages the single groups in all phases of coffee extraction, from pre-infusion to dispensing.
Its design is entirely new with striking dynamic lines, which further enhance its excellent performance in terms of quality in the cup and energy saving. The most evident new visual trend concerns the display, with the introduction of an ample, next-generation capacitive touch screen designed to combine functionality with cutting edge aesthetics.

Modularity is one of the key concepts that identifies Plus 4 You TS: the steam boiler, the water reservoirs and the electronic control system allow independent operation of each group.


With Plus 4 You TS it is possible to:

  • program the coffee water tank temperature for each single group
  • program the pressure of the steam
  • continuously and constantly produce steam with a dedicated boiler
  • guarantee only the minimum temperature variations of the coffee water compared to the set value
  • Plus 4 You TS is a sustainable product in all meanings of the word. It offers energy savings and an economic contribution in favour of social and economic growth in coffee-producing countries.


Technical Specifications:

  • Steam boiler and one coffee water reservoir for each group
  • Electronic temperature control of the coffee water reservoir
  • Electronic temperature control of the steam boiler
  • Electronic temperature control of each group
  • Display showing the pressure of volumetric pump
  • Display showing the ambient humidity
  • Display of water pressure in the hydraulic circuit
  • Programming of the washing cycles


Standard Features:

  • Electronic dispensing of servings
  • Automatic water refill
  • Hot water mixing system
  • Electronically controlled cup heater
  • LED illumination of workspace
  • Raised groups
  • Retractable raised cup grates
  • RS 232 serial line
  • Multifunction key for guided navigation in the display menus
  • USB port for programming
  • Display


Display Functions:

  • Language options: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Programming of the temperature of the coffee water tank for each group
  • Programming of the temperature of each group
  • Programming of the steam boiler pressure
  • Counter of selections for each type of serving
  • Diagnostic messages for easier service
  • Manual or automatic energy saving settings
  • Notice of required water softening
  • Display of machine parameters



  • Carbon-fiber & chrome
  • White & chrome
  • Red & Black
  • Grey & Black


About Astoria

Every coffee bean has its own story; dozens of different stories come together in a cup of espresso. Savouring a good coffee is like reading a good book that conjures faraway lands and the aroma of Italy. Every day throughout the world, this story repeats itself with an ending that never disappoints: the unmistakable sensation of a coffee prepared with an Astoria machine.



For more than forty years we have been working with dedication to offer the barista the best instrument with which to serve an impeccable coffee. Astoria is a historic brand that represents the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines. It is also the original core of the CMA group, which was founded in 1969 by Nello Dal Tio. It was officially acquired by the Ryoma holding company of Milan in October 2012.
Today, after a long growth process, Astoria represents excellence in espresso coffee machines around the world.

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