• Perla Automatic 2 Group Compact Sae
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  • Perla Automatic 2 Group Compact Sae Black
  • Perla Automatic 2 Group Compact Sae Stainless Steel


Perla Automatic 2 Group Compact Sae (Excl. VAT)

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Perla Automatic 2 Group Compact SAE


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Electronic Automatic Coffee Machine

Our motto is simple: produce espresso coffee machines suitable for all but at the same time provide those options that make them ideal for customers with special demands.

Perla makes all coffee breaks a pleasure. It is precise, reliable, and long lasting. Its clean design makes it a perfect match for any interior decor.


Technical Specifications:

  • Body with panels in stainless steel or varnished metal.
  • Boiler and pipes made in copper and brass pipefittings.
  • Duel gauges for boiler and pump pressure control.
  • Indicator light to inform the machine is on.


Standard Features:

  • 4 doses touch-pad.
  • Touch-pad control for programming independent coffee dosages for each group.
  • Manual switch for semiautomatic brewing.
  • Automatic hot water outlet.
  • Automatic water refill (A.W.R.).
  • Ergonomic chromed filter-holders with Astoria brand.



  • Available in a Stainless Steel Polished Finish, Red or Black.
  • Also available as 2/3/4 group machines.
  • Built to order contact us for more options.



About Astoria

Every coffee bean has its own story; dozens of different stories come together in a cup of espresso. Savouring a good coffee is like reading a good book that conjures faraway lands and the aroma of Italy. Every day throughout the world, this story repeats itself with an ending that never disappoints: the unmistakable sensation of a coffee prepared with an Astoria machine.



For more than forty years we have been working with dedication to offer the barista the best instrument with which to serve an impeccable coffee. Astoria is a historic brand that represents the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines. It is also the original core of the CMA group, which was founded in 1969 by Nello Dal Tio. It was officially acquired by the Ryoma holding company of Milan in October 2012.
Today, after a long growth process, Astoria represents excellence in espresso coffee machines around the world.

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