• Hario V60 01 Single Origin Bundle

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Hario V60 01 Single Origin Bundle




Hario V60 01 Bundle


The classic home brewing method which produces a crisp clean cup!


Our coffee bundles are everything you need to start producing great coffee at home.


 The pour over or coffee dripper is the classic method of brewing coffee. Using a paper or metal filter, water is poured over a bed of ground coffee which then seeps through the filter paper and into the cup or serving vessel bellow. Whilst drippers come in various shapes and sizes, the inverted cone of the Hario V01 is the most common.


If you are new to using pour over drippers, we recommend our method to get you started.


This bundle includes:

1 x 225g Single Origin Roasters Choice (Either ground or beans)
1 x Hario V60 01 Clear Plastic Dripper
1x Pack of 40 filter papers


Alternatively you can buy these items individually by Clicking on the following Links.

Hario V60 01 Dripper                                  Single Origin Coffee



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