Our services are designed to assist businesses with the 4 variables encountered when producing coffee;


1 - Coffee


Coffee is grown in over 50 countries around the world, is the 2nd most traded commodity after oil & with passionate cafes everywhere has become the world’s favourite drink. We source green coffee to suit our customer’s requirements whether that be on price, quality, ethics or all three! We then roast weekly to ensure the coffee is always fresh. Customers can choose from award winning blends or create their own unique flavour & brand it themselves.


2 – Grinding


With the influence of a more educated public and an abundance of great Roasters, coffee is getting better & better. We now find that the biggest source of bad coffee isn’t the coffee itself but bad grinding! If you use great coffee beans, the best espresso machine & a champion barista you can still produce awful coffee if your grinder isn’t correctly adjusted or maintained. Coffee is the seed of a berry and should be treated correctly to release the intense flavour it holds. As well as supplying the top equipment that will cut coffee correctly, we provide training so customers can maintain their grinder & adjust it as the coffee changes character.


3 – Extraction equipment


There are many ways to extract the wonderful brown stuff from the coffee bean, Whether you provide filter, espresso, or drip coffee we provide advice & support to get the best out of your equipment.With a multitude of manufacturers making claims about the quality of their equipment we have used our experience to source what we see as the best all round espresso machines from Astoria. From the artisan lever arm of the ‘Perla’ to the software controlled ‘Greenline – Plus 4 You’ we have a machine that will suit your needs. We are factory trained so supply maintenance & servicing of all our machines. 


4 - Drink preparation


This is an art & the culmination of all your skills. Combining your espresso with perfectly textured, creamy milk to bring a smile to your customers face. We provide barista training, which covers all of the above as well as the correct way to steam milk and create latte art.




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