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Devon Coffee Co cups
We Spill the beans on what happening at The Devon Coffee Company
Keep up to date on what we’re getting up to and all the exiting developments we have lined up.

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Brewing Gear

Everybody has their favourite way to brew – here’s ours!
Advances in measuring extraction have helped narrow the variety of different methods people use but there is still room to experiment and find your own perfect technique, use this as guide and experiment.

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Milk Jugs

Tips for the professional barista & home enthusiast
Science has blown away the old wives tales that were rife in our industry, replacing subjectivity with extraction measurements. We will keep you up to date with the latest tekkers from our own lab and around the industry.

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Coffee Flavour Wheel

The science behind coffee, its processes & flavours.
Since the invention of the refractometer the science behind coffee has taken off exponentially. Take a look behind the scenes at the processes and testing that turns Cherries from the Coffea plant into the coffee you drink every day.

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Espresso Machine

Coffee only tastes as good as the gear you make it with.
With so many pieces of equipment out there for you to make your coffee with, both for the home and in the trade, it can be hard to pick the right thing. We will help make things clearer by reviewing equipment and keeping you updated on all the latest hardware in the industry.

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