How to Make the Perfect Espresso with the 'ROK' Espresso Maker

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For this Recipe You Will Need:
Step 1

Boil some freshly drawn water & wait 90 secs for the water to cool to approx. 94°C. Also pre-heat the ROK chamber, filter holder & espresso cup at this point.

Top tip: Pre-heating the ROK chamber will not only help improve the brew temperature but also help swell the seal to improve pressure.

Step 2

Finely grind your coffee to the size of talcum powder. Discard the 'pre-heat' water, remove the filter holder & fill with the ground coffee. Tamp the coffee & place the handle into the ROK.

Top tip: Tamp flat so the coffee passes evenly through the coffee bed. Tamping on an angle can cause 'channeling', this is where water finds the easiest route creating an uneven, weaker extraction.

Step 3

Pour approx. 100ml of water into the ROK chamber. Lift the arms and allow the water to pre-infuse the coffee bed.

Top tip: Try lowering the handles a little until you feel resistance. This slight pressure will change the 'pre-infusion' to a 'pre-brew' period, allowing you to grind finer and increase flavour extraction.

Step 4

When the coffee is saturated and starts to drip from the filter holder (10-20 secs), push the handle down hard and hold until you extract appr. 30ml of water – a perfect double espresso!

Top tip: If your espresso starts to drip straight away, brews too quickly or turns watery - it has been ground too coarsely, so tighten your blades & try again. You should achieve a rich crema with the total extraction (including pre-infusion) taking around 30-40 secs

Step 5

Enjoy your espresso then discard the remaining water (by repeatedly squeezing the handles) into another cup and throw away. Knock your used coffee into a bin.

Top tip: Use your coffee grinds as fertiliser in the garden, its also great as a pest repellent!

WARNING! If you try and remove the handle without discarding all of the water the pressure will cause the hot water (and coffee) to burst out!!

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