How to Dial in an Espresso Recipe

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Depending on the kind of grinder you are using, you will have different options
when setting the weight of the coffee dose. This will either be through manually
adjusting the depth of the coffee chambers (doser grinder) or through digitally
adjusting the grinding time (on-demand grinder). If you are unsure how to
adjust your grinder dose, please contact us for help.
Any adjustment made to coffee grind size may vary the weight of the dose,
therefore dispense the recipe dose weight manually and only set the dose weight
on the grinder after the grind size is decided.
Any adjustments made to the coffee grind size will vary the yield dispensed by a
pre-programmed machine. For this reason, always use the free-pour button on
your machine when dialing-in and only program the yield once the recipe has
been achieved. (DCC can help you with this)
Extraction Time
• Start by grinding the required dose of coffee into the coffee basket using a set
of precision scales (use a spoon to add or remove the necessary coffee)
and prepare/tamp it ready for extraction.
• Pour the espresso to the required yield and take note of the extraction time.
• If the extraction time is quicker than the recipe, the grind size needs to be
made finer/smaller. If the extraction time is longer than the recipe, then the
grinder needs to be made coarser/bigger.
• In order to increase or decrease the size of the ground coffee, the adjustment
disk located under the hopper must be rotated in the appropriate direction. This
should be indicated somewhere on the adjustment disk.
• Keep your adjustments small as they will have a large impact on the extraction
time. After making any adjustments it is necessary to waste at least one dose of
coffee. This will empty the grinders throat of any ground coffee from the previous
adjustment. If using a doser grinder, make sure all coffee chambers are also
cleared of coffee ground at the previous setting.
• Repeat these steps until the grinder setting produces the required extraction
time. Once this has been achieved, proceed to set the grinders dose weight
using a set of precision scales.
PDF version available here

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