French Press (Cafetiere) Guide

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You Will Need
30g fresh coffee beans
400g water
1x pre-heated French press (just add hot water and dispose once heated)
1x kettle
1x spoon
1x digital scale
1x digital timer (your phone will work fine!)
1x burr grinder (not a blade grinder)
1. Put the water on to boil. If possible, use filtered or bottled water.
2. Grind your beans to a coarse consistency, similar to that of rock salt.
3. Place your French press/cafetiere onto your scales and tare to zero. Add your freshly ground coffee.
4. Start your timer, pour in 200g of the freshly boiled water and wait 30 seconds
5. Gently stir using a spoon and add the remaining 200ml of water. Place the lid
on (but don’t plunge!) and wait 4 minutes. The heat of the water will cause the
plunger to expand, stopping any smaller grinds from escaping into your coffee.
6. At this point, a bed of coffee grinds will have risen to the surface. Remove the
lid and using a spoon, do your best to dispose as much of it as you can, including
any foam that may have formed.
7. Replace the lid and slowly push the plunger down to the bottom.
8. Pour your coffee, leaving behind the last few drops as it will be a bit gritty!
9. Enjoy!
If your coffee is lacking a little in strength or taste, try extending the brew time.
If its too strong, reduce it.
Both our pour over and French press recipes can be scaled up or down
depending on how much coffee you are making. Just use 70g of coffee per liter of
water and stick to the brewing times!
PDF version available here

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