Filter (Pour Over) Recipe

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You Will Need
21g fresh coffee beans
550g water
1x 1-cup coffee dripper and paper filter
1x kettle
1x pre-heated pouring kettle (just add hot water and dispose once heated)
1x spoon
1x digital scale
1x digital timer (your phone will work fine!)
1x carafe (or just brew directly into your cup)
1x burr grinder (not a blade grinder)
1. Put the water on to boil. If possible, use filtered or bottled water.
2. Place your coffee filter into the coffee dripper and pass through 200g of the
boiled water into your carafe to rinse out any papery tastes. This will also preheat
your carafe.
3. Grind your coffee beans to a medium-fine consistency. similar to that of sugar.
4. Dispose of the rinsing water in the carafe and add the freshly ground coffee
beans to the rinsed filter.
5. Gently tap the side of the coffee dripper to settle the ground coffee until level.
6. Pour the remaining 350g of freshly boiled water into your pre-heated pouring
7. With the coffee dripper and filter in place on top of your carafe, place all 3 onto
your scales and tare to zero.
8. Start your timer. Using the pouring kettle for precision, evenly wet the
coffee grounds with 40g of water, ensuring there are no dry spots. Allow for the
grounds to become fully saturated and for any gas to escape (no longer than 30s).
9. Proceed to pour the rest of water over the grounds using gentle, continuous
spiral motions. Avoid pouring to the edge of the filter and make sure the water
level remains consistently above the coffee bed.
10. Aim to finish pouring after about 2 minutes and to complete the brew at 2.5
to 3 minutes. With correct technique, a successful brew will leave a level coffee
bed which indicates an even extraction.
11. If your brew pours through too quickly or is weak and underdeveloped/sour,
try using slightly finer coffee. If it’s slower, or too strong and bitter, use coarser.
12. Enjoy!
PDF version available here

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